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Work for us

Are you interested in becoming a peer educator?

 There are only a couple of requirements:


  • You must have been pregnant with your child under the age of 20 as a mother, or 21 as a father.
  • You must be able to work in schools.

 Locations: London, Hastings and Birmingham

 please email or give us a call on 02085464665. 

“I think when it’s young people to young people, you learn a lot more and you’re a lot more open because there isn’t such wide age gap. So I think peer to peer would be fantastic.” 

Representative from Brook Young Persons Participation Group 201

Join our online community


If you are a teenage mother or a young father and you are not currently working with us, you can still engage with some of our activities.


Join our online community via Facebook or Twitter and you will be kept up do date with our activities and invited to attend our public events.

To get involved simply click below:

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