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Hello, I’m Kai Smith one of the many a Peer Educators from Straight Talking but one of few male Peer educators. Straight talking is a charity; the main thing they do is hire young parents and train them to go into schools and talk about pregnancy and healthy relationships. I have been working alongside the organisation for a good few months now, and it has been REALLY enjoyable! The charity runs like no other organisation I know, its like and is seriously built around helping young parents get into work and bettering themselves. The organisation understands you as a young parent you that you may be unable to work every day, due to lack of childcare, You could be going university or be a student of some sort, your child could be ill etc…. My favourite part of the job is going into schools and talking with the students because to get a good sense of how teens think about fee about life/young pregnant. As you’re not a teacher, the students are a lot more open and willing to tell you there views and opinion on the subject. I LOVE IT you hear some crazy things sometimes. Some fun, some dark, but it’s all valid and listened to, I love to question their statements, make them think a bit deeper to why they see something a certain way. And I’ll tell you one thing EVERY area, school, year, class and even pupil is entirely different from the next and you always learn something new. It’s a full company of Young mothers so if you are a Young dad apply! What do you have to lose? Plus, it would be nice to have some guys to talk with! Kai Smith

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