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Why is ‘Relationship and Sex Education” important in schools?

Jayde Edwards

The most powerful tool that is available to everybody is social media, information has become accessible to thousands of people with just a click of a button. In some cases, this can be extremely negative, especially if the information that a young person is getting is incorrect. A lot of teenagers get their relationships and sex education from TV or the internet.

The best place for a young adult to learn about relationships is first and foremost at home. However, that does not necessarily happen and that is where schools come in. I can understand that most parents and carers would feel uncomfortable with this, but I assure you that it’s so important that relationship and sex education is taught in school, in an academic and respectful environment with facts rather than on social media.

There have been many conversations about the age in which relationship and sex should be taught in schools, and, understandably, there can be some concerns about pupils being taught at an age that is appropriate. Here is where we can emphasize the word Relationships; RSE is not a biology class and does not only cover sex or romantic relationships. It is also about friendship, healthy and unhealthy behaviours, bullying, and so much more. Topics that might not necessarily be covered at home.

In some cases, young adults might become uncomfortable speaking to their parents about relationship and sex because they might feel nervous or awkward. They might think that they cannot talk to their parents about relationship and sex, which in some cases can be true. That is why there must be teachers who are able to educate and support pupils with any of the questions that they might have. It is part of a holistic education, and it is here to stay. We are happy that it is.

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