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What do parents want from schools?

By Nadine

What do parents want from schools? I believe with how the school system is at the moment, parents are more interested than usual and have more concern, question and opinions.

As a parent, I would expect that my child is being taught the skills needed to master a subject. Guided in discovering connections and insights "on their own". Also being challenged appropriately: not too easy, not too hard but the level they are currently at. I worry that because there are multiple students it's hard to spot those who are ahead or behind so in a way, I feel the way the pandemic has set up classrooms help, as the kids are more divided and in smaller groups, so it's easier to spot and see different levels of learning.

I also believe when the child proves to be successful, celebrating my child's successes, and helping them understand why they succeeded.

Lastly being supportive about my child's weaknesses, then providing guidance and structure to help them improve. With that being said, communication is key between child and teacher's, teacher's assistant as well as me as the parent. Communicating my child's progress is important as I understand my role is important not only at home, but understanding what my child is doing and what I can do to help. It's a two-way situation. I also have a role to play. Being honest: I feel I may know my child's potential, but I'm not there to see what she is capable of once pushed by a professional with knowledge and talent to pursue her full potential. Which adds to my point, that communication is valuable when exchanging information with parents about what is expected of my child. So as to reinforce those expectations at home.

I don't mind being told what role as a parent you wish me to play. I understand that I should actively review my child's work, so I can also communicate my thoughts and opinions. Overall I feel that building a relationship is key as we both have the same aim.

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