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Unexpected expenses

By: Nadine

Back to school! Honestly, it's been a difficult but a great learning experience but not so enjoyable experience going through the pandemic. It is not only going back to school that can be difficult; there is going back to work and just getting back to what was our "normal" life to us in general.

How do you do that? How do you manage mentally and physically, and how do you manage money? I can honestly say from experience I found with the pandemic I went into my savings a lot and cleared it out in the end as I wasn't in work and I was working two jobs my main job didn't pay me Furlough and in the end closed completely. So I had to depend on working from home to make extra with Straight Talking and other little at home hustles that I could get paid for like cooking etc. This isn't the case for everyone, and if you don't have a great support system, you find yourself struggling. That doesn't only empty your bank account but affect you mentally. Being a mother, looking after your child and maintaining a sense of normality for not only yourself but your child is a lot. We aren't sure what's going to happen next, and one thing for sure is the kids are back to school.

This, of course, comes with expenses that you need to make sure you have before and maintain throughout the year. There can be wear and tear and accidents as well as food and other little things you need.

So how to deal with all this? Well, that comes with preparation, self-restraint, practice and building a routine. To prepare, you need to know about exactly what the children are going to need and finding out prices, where you can get things from and compare prices & quality. Once that's done you're able to be cost-effective as well as get things for a reasonable price instead of having to spend whatever due to being last minute and having no choice but getting what's left. This way you're left with a bit of peace of mind and isn't something that's added to the stress of what's happening in the world. Self-restraint, now you know your budget, and what you have to spend leading up to the time you're able to put money down here and there or pick up bits and bobs while food shopping or clothing shopping. This becomes easier with practice. Anything you practice in life becomes easier or routine, which helps with things like saving and bedtimes and structure. Once all these steps are taken, I believe before you know it you've completed getting everything done without you stressing and panicking at the last minute. If you are not trying to get ready for school supplies, there is Christmas and other things that come after that where you can apply the same principle.

I hope this helped or gave you a new insight on how to go about preparing for something in general just not for unexpected situations.

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