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Top tips from a young parent during COVID

Hello, my name is Jayde Edwards (21), and I am one of the peer educators at Straight Talking Peer Education.

I have two beautiful young boys called Cavani (5) and James (18 months). Usually, our days are incredibly hectic from the school run, working two jobs, being a full-time university student and most importantly, a full-time mum. Usually, as the days go past, I can become extremely restless, but I could never imagine myself being stuck in the house or even being able to sleep past 10:00am. In March 2020, when the Coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) had infected thousands of people within the United Kingdom. The Government put all households on a temporary lockdown in order to stop the spread of the disease. When I first heard the news, I was devastated about all the lost lives, but as many I thought it would mean a little break because finally, I was able to sleep at home for as long as I wanted (so I thought)! Within a few days, Cavan’s school had closed, and I had become his full-time mother and full-time teacher alongside having my toddler in the house. My house had turned into a “mad-house”. I was cooking 24/7 and shopping was running out within days “My life had transformed.” It’s been about two weeks into the transition, and each day is a challenge. Although I get to sleep a little bit longer, I am understanding and appreciating the importance of having a routine and schedule for both for the children and myself. I can imagine that for young mothers, this ‘season’ that we are all in can be challenging. Here are three tips to help with the lockdown. (1) A routine – This could involve setting yourself either daily or weekly timetables. This means that you’re always keeping your mind active. It’s very easy to wake up later and stay in bed all day watching movies (which is OK sometimes) but having a routine that you follow consistently could really help keep you healthy emotionally and mentally. (2) Staying connected with friends and family – During this isolation period, it can be mentally frustrating as your unable to meet up with friends but staying connected through social media can really help! Technology allows us to stay close at a distance, so make the most out of it. (3) Remembering that you’re not alone! – Especially being a mother, you can feel that your house is falling apart or that you feel like you’re losing your mind! But remember that you’re not alone in this and that you are doing the best you can do. Those are my top three tips to deal with the COVID crisis and managing a family as a young parent. What are your top three tips? How are you dealing with the family at home? We would love to hear from you!

Jayde Edwards

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