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The wall

By Nadine,

Well, here we go again, but I guess as we can still take our kids to school and even go to college or uni, work and shop for essentials, there supposed to be more freedom? I'm not sure if I agree with that! But what do you guys think?

I noticed a lot more frustration towards Boris as people feel he doesn't give clear enough messages and he is hypocritical in a sense in his aims and views with his actions and the rules he implements. While it is not entirely his fault, he is the face of the country, so he takes all the backlash! I understand he's trying to resolve and bring down the numbers of those affected but at the same time, it's frustrating to be back where We were back in March as things just started to feel better. Maybe we may have to get used to this being our new normal and life may be really different from now on as this virus doesn't seem to be going away as fast as we hoped like the swine flu virus that happened a couple of years back.

My personal opinion is before coming of lockdown we should have had specific plans put in place and certain things opening should have taken slower in stages, so that we came off lockdown how we are now going back in. If they had certain stages implemented, it would be easier, and we would be less upset with what's going on now. Also, I feel they haven't learnt from the first lockdown. I expect a lot more rebelling of the rules which could find us with harsh consequences as Well as the issue not going away. I urge everyone to work together to make this issue go away and to do everything we can to keep our kids safe as well as ourselves. This is difficult, and I can imagine everyone panicking as I've noticed while shopping after the news broke out that people started panic-buying for the month. Tensions are high, and it's worrying as we don't know what to expect like the first round.

What does that mean for teachers, NHS workers, essential workers and people who are going to be exposed? I believe we have to be extra grateful for those that are highly likely to be exposed as they are not on lockdown and remember our manners, masks and the washing/sanitising of hands. This doesn't stop us from being exposed as we still have to take our kids to school. Mums, how do you feel about this? Teachers is this worrying for you?

We just have to remember to implement everything we learned from the previous lockdown and the things we wished we had done differently and use it on this lockdown. If that means communicating more with family so you don't feel alone as you can't visit them do so. If that means doing more activities with the kids, then why not ask teachers for advice and what you can reinforce from what you/they have already learned.

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