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Statement on Racial Equality

As a charity we're passionate about representing young people and giving them a voice, the results of the recent employment tribunal case have challenged us to review our internal values to ensure we are, and continue to, provide an inclusive and safe environment for young people without fear of judgement, discrimination or inequality based on any and all protected characteristics.

Straight Talking have reviewed our procedures, values and mission further to ensure we are truly working in a fair and accessible way for the benefit of all those that we as an organisation support. We understand the devastating impact of racism and racial inequality in our society and communities and how this unfairly affects young people and the young people we work with. We are comitted to lifting young people up and empowering them through our peer education work and the opportunities we provide for them.

Straight Talking Peer Education is, as an organisation, passionate about providing a voice and empowerment to young people and young parents across our communities and has been for the past 26 years. Part of being an ever present champion of young people and their experiences is ensuring we are putting their needs and views first and we will continue to review our internal culture with our peer educators to maintain the safe and inclusive space that we have cultivated.

Ruth Lowe

CEO Straight Talking Peer Education

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