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By Nadine:

School runs and healthy snacks. Finding a balance in what to give your child to keep their immune system healthy, especially now it’s flu season and coronavirus is around. I find now that my daughters at school I have better control of what I’m giving her as her meals are nicely spread out throughout the day.

I find she doesn’t like to eat in the mornings as when we were on lockdown she didn’t have a set time to have breakfast. So she isn’t used to having to have breakfast as early. I try to mix up what I give her in the morning to ensure she’s excited and more enthusiastic about breakfast. So getting different fruits or making homemade apple flapjacks, with things like sunflowers seeds, especially when it’s something she helped me make, gets her more excited to eat it.

Remember to give your kids things that feed the brain like oranges which contain vitamin c, eggs, bread, fruits, yoghurts, porridge and a hot drink which are all also energy boosters, keeps them alert and filled enough to start the day. All the above are not too heavy in my opinion unless overeaten. Most of the time, she refuses to eat, so I pack snacks on the way to school like cereal bars, drinking yoghurt & fruit.

Now she goes to school it helps me be more organised and brings structure to both our days which allows me to pre-prepare everything, so our day runs smoothly, which is definitely a bonus. In school, the teachers do discuss with me what is given, and they ensure it’s a balanced diet which I’m happy with as they follow the eat well plate. Which if you ain’t familiar with it’s a protein, vegetable, fruit and carbohydrate. It gives the kids a good balance.

After school, she is hungry, or I’d say peckish. I ensure I have snacks ready, so her belly is ok in time for dinner. Below I’ve listed items I’d get during my weekly & monthly food shopping which majority are healthy, one or two ain’t. Which is ok, I would say overall it is a healthy mix as you don’t have to eat completely healthy to maintain a healthy diet. Below I’ve listed examples;

Fruit pouches

Dried fruits & nuts


Dipping foods-dairylea dunkers products

Cheese strings


Bagels (different fillings)

Mini cheddars

Mini pizza pockets

Breadsticks with different dips like hummus etc

Plantain crisp

Popcorn and biscuit.

I believe eating well is fundamental to good health and well-being. Healthy eating helps us to maintain a healthy weight and reduces our risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the risk of developing different illnesses. Mixing working out which could be walking or riding a bike or any form of exercise also helps. My daughter, for example, rides her scooter; it keeps her active and helps us get places quicker.

Overall I haven’t found any negatives in the process of school run other than bad weather. It has helped me maintain discipline and be more organised and prepared, as well as not worrying if my daughter is getting enough exercise. It’s all in her daily routine, which keeps us both satisfied and happy.

Please if you have any advice or anything I can add or take away to her diet or day to day life please comment below or if you have any question don’t be afraid to ask, let talk!

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