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Second Lockdown

By Nadine

Another lockdown! This is something we highly anticipated. But we didn't want, as things have only just started to feel better recently and we were getting the swing of going back to how things were. A lot has happened since the last lockdown. I feel we got a bit comfortable and as things were happening around the worald, people started living as if they weren't still in a pandemic.

This wave is predicted to be as twice as deadly as the first round. As Well as being extended into December which means Christmas is cancelled this year? Panic buying I guess will start again even though we are being reassured it isn't necessary. The only difference is we are restricted from doing our hair's, nails, eating out and going to the gym. So many questions, a lot of confusion and what seems silly but supposed to be effective. So what do we do?

Living in a city that imposed a strict lockdown rule. I shifted to working at home pretty easily but went from working two jobs to one and less income coming in. It was hard finding a routine and avoiding distractions. I was connected with friends online, but I missed their physical presence. My sleep and mood had suffered as anxiety loomed over the future of the situation. Keeping my daughter entertained and motivated was difficult as well as trying to explain and have her understand what was happening. Cooking different things and maintaining a healthy balance was hard but with Straight Talking and meeting other young mums I was able to communicate with my colleagues and friends to try and work and help each other with these issues. But not everyone has those outlets.

So what did I learn from this? I learnt that;

1. Not to panic, things seem scary again, and you can feel that anxiety creeping back, but you have to remember you've done it before and got through it so you most certainly can do it again but better.

2. Money, money comes and goes but managing it and spending it effectively and efficiently. Have cash in case of emergency as well as money for essentials and put towards keeping your household productive so for the kids using or buying things like paint to help keep them distracted.

3. Routine, Routine is important as it helps you keep in control of your day and emotions which stops you from overthinking and stressing. Distract yourself, read, learn and focus on learning a new skill.

4.Entertainment; bring out old games, implement the new skills & knowledge you have been getting these past few months from the teachers and keep on your kids, so they stay on the ball and don't feel like they are forgetting what they learnt.

5. Eating right! Eat right, drink a lot of water. This may seem like you do it anyways, but sometimes so much is happening people forget how important it is to maintain focus as well as eating the right things to keep your brain and body functioning right.

These are a few things I learnt from what I felt I struggled with the first lockdown and overcame by doing the five steps above, but for every issue, there are many different ways of coping and dealing with it, so please comment any you feel you may struggle with or do on a daily basis!

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