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Second COVID wave

By Nadine

Another pandemic? Panic buying again? It's hard to think of going through all that again! When swine flu happened, it went crazy, but we went back to normal. It's also hard to believe that this may be our new normal. Wearing a mask every day is already hard enough as well as knowing the consequences if you don't. A lot has changed, and now a curfew is crazy! Adjusting to all these new rules is hard to get your head around, especially with a four year old.

I find myself always explaining things to my child and worrying about things I wouldn't usually to ensure her safety. Kids touch a lot and may cough or sneeze, whenever that happens it's like all eyes are on you or people make comments and it's up to you to react or ignore.

We are still getting used to it and learning every day when the government adds or takes away rules to then go back into quarantine it's worrying and frustrating after just being off for 2-3 months and still not feeling like it's slowly going back. Still, it's like going two steps forward ten steps back.

As a young parent, you're still trying to get your life on track and trying to do your best to provide and stay positive. Having things like pandemic is difficult because a lot is on halt and everyone is as confused as you are. If you are not mentally, physically and financially prepared, it's worrying to think how others are coping as I know how it feels to feel anxious, depressed and stressed.

I have a lot I want to do and to feel like I can't is hard.

At times when I try to save it's difficult as I feel I'm trying to catch up with what I felt was my life being on pause, but I feel and hope that as we've experienced it before we know what it is like and how to handle it better.

I hope people realise and learn that panic buying isn't necessary and think of others. I also hope that everyone is considerate and organised and keeps informed with the news and each other. I honestly feel if we work together, we could get through it and try to get back to what was our normal to try and get rid of coronavirus. Still, again it's difficult knowing that people take and understand things differently and go about following the guidelines and rules set in their own way.

Overall I hope that this encourages anyone reading not to panic and use the skills you learnt to guide you through it if we do end up going into lockdown again and know that you are not alone even if you feel you are.

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