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Schools during COVID

By Nadine

Teaching & learning while being mindful of the virus! Learning never stops, we learn something new every day. My daughter is now in school, I feel I'm re-learning everything I already know. I've noticed I'm also improving on my knowledge which is great as you don't only see what you already know but how the educational system has improved.

Schools are in full swing and operating as close to normal as possible. This was great for me as I found at home I wasn't knowledgeable on what to teach my daughter and even if I tried the stress of the situation didn't motivate me to keep pushing or endeavour to find out.

Whereas now I'm in contact with the teacher through an app called tapestry and have ways of learning, keeping up with my daughter while in school and communicating. This is great as it keeps me at ease and gives me an idea of what's happening, so I ain't stressing or overthinking at home.

I have huge respect for the teachers as they also are at risk and putting their family at risk as they are around 100's of kids from 100's of different homes and expose themselves to the virus daily. It is more difficult to feel normal as things are so different as they have to keep in mind; taking steps towards enhanced cleaning arrangements, as well as respiratory and hand hygiene for students and staff. Physical distancing must be practised whenever possible. Student grouping and contact between groups should be avoided and minimized. So there's that what if feeling which can put everyone on edge. But if I'm honest, I haven't felt that while the kids are back at school. I feel that my daughter is in safe hands and is still learning as if this pandemic wasn't happening, which puts me as a parent at ease. On top of the fact that communication between the school and parents is excellent and very informative. It keeps you updated at ease which doesn't give you much room to ask questions which is great.

I hope this encourages those that haven't or are apprehensive about taking their kids to school to allow you to feel more comfortable. I would also like to thank teachers for still coming in and doing there best to educate, encourage and have creative and fun experiences that as parents we are not able able to show or do at home.

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