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Making something of yourself during COVID (MONEY)

Hello, I’m KAI Smith (21) one of many Peer educators at Straight Talking Peer Education. I’m a father of a two year old. On a typical week, I work to further my career to give myself and others around me a better future. Weekdays mornings go into schools to warn young people on the things they may face in being a young parent. In the evenings, I’m a personal trainer helping others live a healthier life. On the weekends I’m a cleaner for the gym that I have my clients in, I try my hardest to be a good dad. (even though it just feels like I fail) As everyone knows, life has changed a lot! (COVID-19) It has infected hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, many hospitalised and unfortunately some have passed. To help the situation and stop it spreading the government has put EVERYONE a temporary lockdown, you are ONLY allowed outside for food, work and one hour of fitness a day. COVID has affected my work a lot as all gyms/school have been closed down. And as a man working daily to achieve his dream goals and career, it started to put me in a bad place, but I refuse to let that happen! Always look at the positives! What is the positives in this situation?..... lots and LOTS of free time! Don’t waste it at home doing anything. Make the most out of it. Here are some things I am trying out. Ebay - As I saw this coming (the lockdown) I spent the previous month collecting as many clothes as I could from closing down stores, friends and outlets, to sell on Ebay. I also got in contact with mates who I know have skills that can make things at home and I can sell on Ebay. Check out the link to my store! The stock market – As it has crashed, I have brought into MANY shares (CCL UK, LB US ect….) So, in a couple of years, once the market is back, I can sell the shares and make a profit. It also essential to know that there is a risk here, but if you are interested, most banks have investment options available, ask your bank for more information. Start my own business - So as one on my goals is to have my clothing label, I have put the money from my jobs to kick-starting my company. I am focusing on all the behind the scene stuff. I am working on the designs, ordering all the equipment, talking to different companies and so on. What better time to do anything that will better your life than now? While you are stuck inside with nothing to do! The hardest part of lockdown has been not being able to see my son. I don’t live with him or drive. It makes it EXTREMELY difficult to see him (I WANT TO SEE MY FAMILY), but I don’t want to leave the house, travel to see him and risk his life because of my selfishness wanting to see him. So I’m focusing on the positives! 1 – Knowing he’s safe with his mum. She is an amazing mum and won’t let anything bad happen to him. 2 – Focus on all this work I have now given myself, knowing that I’m giving them a better future 3 – Grateful that myself, family and friends are all well Kai Smith

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