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How to handle stress being a young parent

Jayde Edwards

I think one of the hardest things being a young parent is having the thought that you are not doing your best.

I mean ‘doing your best’ is a very vague sentence because the word ‘best’ means different things to different people. But for me personally, on most occasions, I’m always questioning myself as to am I doing the right thing for my children.

“I think the best thing to have as a young parent is a sound mind”

When I begin to have thoughts such as

“Jayde are you doing the right thing?”

“Jayde what will happen in the next 5/10years?”

“Jayde, are you spending too much time at work or university”

I always remind myself that everything that everyone's path is different. I don’t mean that I am the only mother on the planet. But the path that I follow is my own. The best thing I can do is follow my instincts and continue to gather advice from those more experienced than me.

“Sometimes it’s even good to figure things out”

Although taking advice is important and that is one thing I value with my life. The fact that I have so many wise people around me who can guide me and ensure that whenever I am struggling with something, I have somebody to call. I have realised that on most occasions when I figure things out and even sometimes make mistakes, it teaches me in the future to get things right. But most importantly, it teaches me that you cannot always be in control of everything. It is ok to get things wrong. This does not mean to endanger yourself or your children but to realise sometimes that you will not know everything because not everything is written down in a book for us to read.

“Never compare yourself or your child to other people”

I think this is one of the most important things that I keep dear to my heart. Especially when I had (Cavani) my first child, I was constantly comparing myself to other mothers and comparing my child to the development of other children. Even in discussions with other mothers I would think and question if my child is doing this/or is doing that. Things such as walking, talking or even as simple as sleeping patterns. But I soon after realised that every child is different and just because your child has not done something does not mean your child is ‘slow’ or not going to become the best in the future.

In conclusion, be the best version of yourself and rest assured that it will all be ok.

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