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How to deal with rent and Landlords as a young parent?

Jayde Edwards

Moving into your first home no matter how old you are is probably one of the most exciting and frightening experiences, any person could go through, especially if you’re a young parent with a child.

Moving into a new home requires a new level of sacrifice and independence. I don’t think it matters if you are moving in with a partner or friends because regardless you’ll have responsibilities. It obviously would make it much easier if you are moving in with somebody because you’ll have the support. For example, if you want to pop out to the shop, you don’t have to get the baby ready pack a small bag (because anything could happen) and take almost an hour to walk to the comer shop instead of it being less than 20 minutes.

But what cannot be denied is the exiting moments about getting a new home. You finally have your own space, peace of mind. You get to decorate your house to what makes you comfortable and happy. In other words, you get that moment in your life where you’re not questioned about the things you are doing or what time you sleep or wake up. You literally are able to create your own world.

But what could be most challenging is dealing with Landlords and paying your rent. I think everybody can admit living alone can be so demanding especially if a month comes up and you’ve overspent, or if you’re on universal credit and somehow, they have messed up your rent payments, so it means your unable to pay the full amount of rent. I’ve been there, and it’s the most frightening thing ever. You have so many thoughts run through your mind such as will I get kicked out, will my landlord understand, or will he let me off?

The most honest thing I could tell you is not to panic –

Speaking to your landlord either via text or email to explain the situation beforehand (before your rent is due) can show your willingness and almost enable your landlord to help you come up with a solution.

Remember your landlord wants his payment as he probably has a family too, and you need to keep your home because you also have to keep a roof over you and your families head.

Keeping your landlord always updated. I think it is one of the best things you can do. When you let your landlord know you are unable to pay your rent or full rent and leave the message. It could leave your landlord confused and almost demanding as he wants further information.

So, keeping them updated with the things you are doing to make full payment or updates with universal credit or even just reassuring your landlord that you are doing everything to make the rent payment can really keep your relationship with your landlord from breaking.

I hope these top two tips help because I have personally used them. Always remember that communication is everything, and it’s better to be clear about what is going on rather than being quiet!

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