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Home-schooling because of COVID-19

Jayde Edwards

I think everybody who has a child in primary school has opened their eyes and wondered how teachers do this on a daily basis?! I think teaching my son from home daily has been one of my biggest challenges and sometimes I felt under pressure because I wanted him to still get the same quality of learning as he would at school.

When primary schools first closed because of the virus I was very much determined and excited to be able to teach (Cavani) my son from home. As his school was extremely supportive and provided so much material I felt as if it would be so easy! Especially as he is in reception so what could be that hard?! But within the first week I then started to realise there is so much things a child has to learn, and patience is everything.

I think the hardest thing was keeping my son occupied, because you can imagine he’s at home in his room surrounded by all his favourite toys and I’m literally bribing him to do his learning then he would be able to play with his toys. Alongside his favourite snack drawer that he usually only gets something from afterschool. But because we are at home 24/7 it’s so easy for his mind wander off and onto begging me to get something from the snack draw.

I think the one thing that has been keeping me going is speaking to his teachers and other mothers who are home-schooling during this time. Especially the mothers from Straight Talking because we have been able to reassure one another that we are not alone, and everybody is going through the same thing. I think it’s so easy to think that you are doing everything wrong when in fact you’re doing what you know best and that does not make you a bad parent.

I think the best thing to remember during this time is that your child/children will be just fine. Although you might be feeling that they have lost out on a lot of education in fact they have been able to learn much more than you can imagine. Especially about family time which in society today its extremely hard to come by. So the most important things that they are learning now is what will stay with them for life which is really important and should not be forgotten.

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