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Having ‘alone’ time with two children

Hello! Its Jayde again. I hope you remember me. Since my last post, I feel like time has moved extremely slow. I guess that’s because the majority of the time I’m stuck in the house with my two children (who are both the most energic boys) you could ever meet.

I must admit it had started to get difficult to entertain both my boys (Cavani & James) in the house as they are so used to being out. Cavani, who is five is in reception, so he is used to being at school with his friends. James who is 18 months spends quite a lot of time with his grandparents while I’m at work or university and he is always having lots of fun, either at a children’s centre or at the park. So, you can imagine everything has drastically changed, and I wouldn’t say for the better.

Although I cannot deny, it’s a good feeling to be able to spend quality time with the boys. We are usually always out, and by the time, we get home, it is dinner, bath then bed, so having that quality time with them means everything.

But being able to keep them entertained before my house turns upside down is the most difficult. My toddler literally cannot stay still; he is either putting something in his mouth, pulling something down, attempting to climb on something or pulling clothes out of the draws. So, you can already imagine that means I’m always on my feet running after him, taking things out of his hand and saying “no”, “stop it”, “leave that alone” about 10 million times.

Eventually, this becomes extremely exhausting and having some headspace just to relax in silence is needed. Usually, I would give my mother a call, or ask a family friend to watch the boys, but due to the pandemic, I always felt guilty that if I took them out, they could catch the infection. So, I would take full granted of bedtime. I would ensure I put the best movie on with some lovely treats (that I would have to hide from the kids because they would want them) and just relax. Sometimes even turning off my phone so that I’m not tempted to go onto social media. I would admit this helped a little bit, but sometimes I just wished I could have a day to myself just to get a sense of calmness.

So recently, both my boys spent a little bit of time with my mum. Some people thought this could have been a risk (but as they have been away from my mother for almost two months), I felt quite confident that they would be fine. My mum had the boys for about three days, and as she has a garden, it meant they could run around all day long while I relaxed and slept literally for the whole three days! Which was amazing.

Family and friends support mean everything! And as the government guidelines are easing up a little bit due to staying at home, it’s good to get a few hours to yourself (only if your certain that your child will be okay). There is nothing wrong with having a little time to yourself as I can imagine you have been working double as hard as you would.

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