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10 Baby and Toddler play ideas!

By Madi & Kai

Staying home and staying safe during Covid-19 is crucial and comes with many benefits. However we have found we have started to run out of ideas on how to keep our kids entertained as the weeks have gone on, but we know we can’t be the only ones who have felt like this. So we have come up with a list on Ten baby and toddler play ideas below.

Start your own Kitchen Band.

Have some fun being the star of your very own concert! This will, of course, be super noisy. However, it is an amazing sensory-motor activity.

Drum Kit- Get your pots and pans out, grab a spoon and start drumming!

Shakers- To make these, you will only need the cardboard from the middle of your toilet roll, some rice, paper & tape.

Cover one end of the cardboard roll holder with paper and seal with tape.

Tip some rice into the open end, be sure to only fill it about a quarter of the way!

Cover the opening with paper and tape, like you did the other end.

Feel free to paint and decorate your shaker and then have fun making some noise!

Dropping and posting baby play.

This is great for fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Find and rinse out an empty plastic milk carton, carefully cut off the top and a hole on each side of the carton.

* Make sure the holes are bigger than your son/daughters’ fists, so they can easily reach around inside*

Find some objects like toy bricks, or even empty lipstick cases, as long as they’re not small enough to choke on!

Let your baby have fun ‘posting’ things into their very own post box!

Baby Lava Lamp

Find a clear plastic bottle and fill it just over halfway with water, then add a few squirts of baby oil (or any clear oil).

Add a few drops of your favourite food colouring, beads, foam pieces or whatever you have laying around you want to add!

You can even add some glitter if you wanted!

Tip; You can add a few teaspoons of ‘glycerine’ (you can buy this from the supermarket for roughly £2.80) This will slow down the movement between the water and the oil, making it even more fun to watch!

Easy cleaning bath painting.

If you have a bath in your home, where better to do messy activities!?

Use some shaving foam and add a few drops of food colouring to make some ‘bath paint.’

Alternatively, you can make some ‘edible paint’ by crushing up some berries almost making them into a puree.

Put your toddler into the bath and let them have fun ‘painting’. Then once they are done, it’s super easy to rinse down afterwards.

Lucky dip/ Find the hidden toy.

This game can be adapted depending on the age of your child.

Either find a toy or draw a letter, shape or picture on some paper.

Hide your chosen object in a tray covered with rice or beans, then let your child dig through with their hands to find the object. See how long it takes them to guess what you have hidden.

Create your own obstacle course.

This is a perfect activity for the current circumstances, where we can not be out for long to burn off energy. This is also great for building your child’s gross-motor skills.

Use the furniture you have in your house to create an obstacle course. You can make some small jumps, obstacles you have to go under or over, weaving in between things and even throwing something into a basket. Another way you can make this more fun is by using timing the course to see who can do it faster.

Have a teddy bears picnic.

Super fun and easy activity, which is also great for your child’s imagination skills.

Make some sandwiches.

Find a blanket and lay it out, either in your garden or just in your living room.

Gather a collection of your favourite teddies and sit them around your blanket.

Then quite simply enjoy your teddy bear picnic.

Target Practice.

This is a simple activity that is quite self-explanatory.

Use a bucket or set up a few ‘targets’ out of any household items. Then quite simply use a ball (or a pair of socks) to throw at the targets.

Cardboard Box Vehicles.

This is definitely a favourite in our household!

Find a large cardboard box, or next time you are in a supermarket ask if they have any big boxes. They usually do and are happy to give them to you for free!

You can turn these into cars, trains or whatever you want! There are lots of tutorials on YouTube, which show you how to make lots of different designs!

We find this Entertains our son for HOURS because there’s so much involved, with painting and decorating his car before he even starts playing with it!

*Note; once your fun has ended with your vehicles, please don’t forget to recycle them*


Who does not love to put some tunes on and dance around!

There is not much to say about this one! Go play your favourite songs and dance and sing all you like!

We hope you can take some inspiration from these ideas, and you try out at least a few of them! Have fun, and stay safe!

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