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Our Vision & Mission

Oakhill Youth Offenders Institute
Our Vision 

We’re here to reduce the high rate of teenage pregnancy and Child Sexual Exploitation in the UK and support teenage parents to achieve economic wellbeing and quality of life.

Our Mission 

Straight Talking employs teenage mothers and young fathers to educate young people about early parenthood, healthy relationships, Child Sexual Exploitation and sexting, enabling them to make responsible life choices.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to high quality training of peer educators, a well-developed programme and strong partnership work with other health and education service providers. These help to ensure success and a consistent quality across our programmes.

‘The peer educator approach is central to the model. Teachers could deliver the messages, however the authenticity of the peer educators provides a stand-out feature which alongside the quality interactive content, creates memorable and impactful sessions for the students.’

Independent evaluation by Deloitte 2016

The History of Straight Talking

Straight Talking was registered as a charity on 1st February 1998.

Last academic year, we delivered 340 courses in schools reaching approximately 9,000 pupils, employing 44 teenage mothers and young fathers. 


Straight Talking's founder was working as a youth worker with teenage parents, when a teacher approached her to provide education regarding the realities of early parenthood. This led to the design and development of a course that is the basis of the interactive peer education programme that Straight Talking delivers today. Over the years, teenage parents working for Straight Talking have updated the course content so that it remains fresh and relevant to the world young people live in today.


We are extremely proud of what our employees have achieved. Teenage mothers and young fathers who have worked with us, have gained masters degrees, now work in healthcare professions, youth and social work, local politics and the police force, to name a few. Nothing gives us more pride or satisfaction than seeing those who previously lacked self-esteem, drive or skills reach a level of confidence that enables them to succeed and provide for the needs of their young families.

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