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We employ teenage mothers and young fathers to become peer educators to inform

pupils in schools about issues that have affected them personally.

How we work

Educate, prevent, employ.

The Prevention Project

The Prevention Project includes two peer education courses in secondary schools as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) programmes:

  • The Realities of Teenage Parenthood

  • Understanding Healthy Relationships, Awareness of Sexual Exploitation and sexting

Both courses have a range of interactive and fun activities that are presented to 13-17 year old pupils by well trained and confident peer educators, who have themselves been teenage parents and are able to talk about the realities of teenage parenthood from personal experience.


The activities together with honest personal stories help young people to relate to the issue, and provide a safe and comfortable environment to introduce discussions on sexual exploitation and abuse. 

Education & Employment Project


We employ teenage mothers and young fathers, the experts in early parenthood, who are all able to talk directly and powerfully to their peers.  Young parents receive all the support and training needed to deliver the work in schools.


We see teenage parents as capable, resilient and valuable members of our community who have necessary skills and experiences to impact the wider community We tap into these existing skills by employing and training the young parents as peer educators. Our training approach enables these young people to develop a broader range of transferable workplace skills that can enable them to gain well paid employment in the wider job market.


Peer educators are encouraged to redesign the programme material and be involved at all levels in the organisation including the Board of Trustees. Over the years, teenage parents working for Straight Talking have updated the course content so that it remains fresh and relevant to the world young people live in today.

“If it hadn’t been for Straight Talking, I would still be sitting at home claiming Benefits.”

- Tara, ex peer educator

Peer Educators are paid £20 for each session they deliver in schools plus expenses including travel and training. We are mindful that young parents should earn a good reward for their expertise.  The work is sessional and young parents choose the hours they work when sessions are running in schools. 


Our young parents have gone on to university and successful careers as a result of the confidence, encouragement and skills learned at Straight Talking.

All peer educators join a community of young parents who give support to each other.  Last academic year, 100% of our young parents said they now felt less isolated.

Our young parents have gone on to successful careers as a result of the confidence, encouragement and skills learned at Straight Talking.

  • Robyn is in teacher training and a member of Straight Talking's Board of Trustees

  • Tony is a Prison Officer

  • Miguel is an Outreach Worker at the Olympic Park

  • Bina, Lawyer and charity worker

“I think when it’s young people to young people, you learn a lot more and you’re a lot more open because there isn’t such wide age gap. So I think peer to peer would be fantastic.” 

Representative from Brook Young Persons Participation Group 2010

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