COVID-19 has changed the world around us in a very short time, there are many questions and few answers this space is here to support young parents and teachers by providing useful and relevant information. 


Is Straight Talking still operating?

Yes, we are still operating online, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at bookings@straighttalking,org

Is Straight Talking still taking bookings?

We are taking bookings, we are currently working on finding a way to do online delivery and still benefit as many young parents as possible. We are currently also taking bookings for the next academic year.

Is Straight Talking still hiring young parents?

During the current crisis, we have been forced to suspend recruiting new young parents and are focusing on the ones we already have on board. If you know of a young parent who needs support, please refer them to us, we can introduce them to the community where they will be able to meet other young parents going through the same.

Helpful Links

Google's Digital Garage gives you the opportunity to take free courses for on-demand skills for free, now that we are spending more time indoors it is a great time to learn something new. 

There is a lot of news out there it is important to stick to the facts, this article by the BBC gives tips on how to spot fake news, stop the spread! 

Women's aid is a charity that focuses on domestic abuse so if you know of someone or experience any form of domestic abuse they can help.

MyBnk is a charity that educates young people about finances they have some incredible resources! Have a look if you are struggling in this area for some great tips.