Teenage Dad on Breastfeeding

Straight Talking teenage Dad comments on breastfeeding in public

I was 19 years when I became a father to my beautiful son. Despite our young age, I was fortunate enough to have experienced pregnancy, labour and birth by my son's mum's side.

I remember her being scared of breastfeeding not only because of the horror stories she had heard about the pain, but also the pressure she was under as a result of constantly being told "breast is best". The whole thing made her not look forward to it one bit!

When he was born and the time came for my son's first feed, I clearly remember seeing a few tears role down her cheeks - they were tears of both joy and pain. The joy of nursing her new-born boy and starting the journey of bonding was conflicted with what  appeared to be excruciating pain, told by her facial expressions (and the few mouthed-swear-words!)

Luckily, my son's mum was able to continue to breastfeed and never experienced any stigma whilst doing so in public. Maybe it was because she always made sure to cover herself with a blanket. In my opinion, the issue of breastfeeding in public has been blown way out of proportion. Why is it an issue at all? How can something so natural be so taboo?

Maybe if all mothers completely covered up whilst breastfeeding in public, that would probably solve this "issue". But wouldn't practising the art of minding your own business also do the trick?